What is toster software?

3D environment

The software creates a 3D environment and you can tailor it completely to your brand. As soon as you take place in front of the camera with the green key behind you, the software generates an environment of your choice.

ADD-on webinar software

Turn your Zoom, Teams or Google Meet into a TV show. You present from your office while it looks like you are in a professional virtual studio.

video software

Record a presentation in an environment of your choice. No editing is required. Immediately professional results.


After a training of only 15 minutes, you can operate the software yourself. It is even possible to operate everything yourself as a speaker.

For whom?

Marketing specialist

Easily create high impact branded content that seduces your target audience.

Communication Specialist

Fast result and high impact due to the easy setup.

Event manager

Organize visualy attractive events.

Video creator

Low effort, high-end result

Why Toster Software?

Create more impact

Viewers remember 95% of a message when they watch it as a video, compared to only 10% when they read it.

More engagement

Easily create a dynamic video thanks to different camera angels and a personalized environment. Content you enjoy watching, is watched longer and more.

More leads

90% of users find a video helpful in making a choice about a product. Also adding a video increases the Click Through Rate of your newsletter by 200 to 300%. Genrate more leads!

Better Communication

Because your full body is visible your body language is integrated.

use cases?

Internal Communication

Use for internal communication. E.g. HR update, Management update. Message of the CEO...


Sales pitch in your favorite surrounding. LinkedIn video's. Company presentations...


Live stream or recording of your keynote speakers in a Toster surrounding.


Live or recorded instructional or training videos.

how does it work?

What do i need?

Toster Studio in Genk
Basic equipement
Greenkey software werkt vloeiend
pc requirements
Presenteren in een kleine ruimte

Your solution…

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