Toster Software is a presentation software that allows you to present from a 3D environment. You can use it for an online presentation in Teams, Zoom or any streaming platform  from a professional TV studio, while in fact you are doing everything yourself.

Thanks to a green screen you can present in any 3D environment.

With Toster Software you can easy record a professional branded video without a whole video team. In this way you can save costs in the long run

Yes, we make this daily! A customised environment can only make your company stand out more.

A small space is sufficient. We have Toster studios up and running on 3x3m. Every space larger than this is extra convenient. 


Toster only uses one single camera. The software generates different virtual camera angles. 

Yes you can. Our software is compatible with most cameras, recording or sound systems. Any pc with the right graphics card will do.

Not necessary. Anyone with a flair for marketing can already create good videos with the Toster software. Thanks to our knowledge database and experienced video crew, we can help you get a professional result.

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